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Cool Band Names

Wondering what name to give your band? We have compiled some really cool band names for you, check them out!
Band names are special! They're meant to establish the identity of the band and give it a presence in the hearts of people. Think of Numb and you can't forget Linkin Park.. and so is Pink Floyd, The Beatles and many more famous rock bands of all times. Their names have crossed borders and entertained every nook and corner of the world. Choosing the one for you is not an easy decision.
Now this doesn't mean that you've got to imitate the legendary bands or come up with something weird! All you've got to do is to unleash your creativity and find some name that can summarize the spirit of your band! You may be the 'Rockers' or the 'Dark Horses'.
Depending on your bands type of music and the way you wish to present your band in front of the audience, you can come up with some good names.
You can even include the name of some legendary singer for giving a name to your band.
List of Cool Band Names

Being cool isn't being weird. The word cool symbolizes passion coupled with some sensational music. Some names that are a reflection of these qualities are as follows:
♪ Creative Knights
♪ Blast of the Youth
♪ Passion Thrill
♪ Musical Masters
♪ Exhaust of Beatles
♪ Beyond Gravity
♪ Bloody Tears
♪ Musical Force
♪ Celestial Flames
♪ Iron Oath
♪ Metal Attack
♪ Proactive
♪ My Door is Always Open
♪ Whistling Metals
♪ Hands of Lightning
♪ Rock On
♪ Domination
♪ Collective Soul
♪ Raw Fire
♪ Unleashed Creativity
♪ Whistling Mercy
♪ Vibrations
♪ Rockers
For Girls

The band names for girls must be chosen so as to bring some femininity as well as passion for the music.
♪ Girls on Top
♪ Angel Dust
♪ Kisses
♪ The Grace
♪ Bewitched
♪ The Queens
♪ Indigo Girls
♪ The Precious Ladies
♪ The Lovable Girls
♪ The Expressed Souls
♪ Magical Girls
♪ G4M (Girls for Music)
♪ The Invisible Angels
♪ Chemical Angels
♪ Beautiful Folk Cats
♪ The Young Thrillers
♪ Idyllic Dolls
Choosing Creative Band Names

✦ While choosing creative names for your band, you have to do some brainstorming to come up with something unique. For instance, you can choose a particular theme or a cause and name your band dedicated to that cause.
✦ You can choose some names from various popular books. For example, the name of famous band, Veruca Salt took its name from the famous book Charlie and the chocolate factory.
✦ You can also make a list of some of your favorite words. For example, Ignited souls, Effervescence, Trailblazers, Inspired, etc,. Just make a list of words that you connect with, and you'll find something you love.
✦ Just like various bands, that have named themselves based on some geographical location, you too can pick up the name of some landmark in your area that is close to you. Linkin Park and Soundgarden etc are some of the classic band names.
✦ You can also combine two words of any band and name your team. This way of naming is more suitable for kids. You can also use the first name of your favorite person or any of your team members (more specifically, the lead singers) to make your own customized name.

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