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How to Beat Musical Boredom

Are you sick of all your music? Are you unable to find any new music that excites you? Do you cringe at the thought of having to decide what to listen to next? If so, you may be in a musical funk. Read this story to find out what it is and how to beat it!

The Musical Funk

Every music fan is familiar with the problem: you are bored with all the music you have, but you just can't seem to come across any new music that you like. All the new music you've heard lately, whether on the radio, online, or in the company of friends, has struck you as okay-but-not-that-great, and even the music you know you like just hasn't been doing it for you. In other words, you're in a musical funk.
Music lovers all experience the musical funk at one point or another, and sometimes it can seem all but hopeless. You worry that you will never again love music the way you used to, or that new bands these days just aren't making anything worth listening to. If left to their own devices, musical funks will end eventually and you'll soon find some new music to fall in love with. Sometimes this can take months, but there are some things you can try to speed up the process.

Do Something Fun!

More often than not, the musical funk is a mood thing and has to do with what's going on in your life outside music than the music itself. If you're feeling bored with life, you're likely to feel bored with everything else, too. Doing something to elevate your mood or getting involved in something that interests you could be enough to lift the cloud of musical boredom. You'll be able to find new music that matches your new mood or reconnect with old favorites.

Enjoy the Silence

When boredom with life isn't the problem, saturation might be. Music fans can have a tendency to go overboard with their hobby. Have you been listening to music all day, every day for a long period of time? If so, it's no wonder you can't find anything that stirs you up.
Try leaving your MP3 player at home for a couple of days and listening to the sounds of life around you.  Silence or ambient noise can sometimes be just as exciting as music, and they can give you space to think, as well.
The best part is, after the end of your self-imposed music diet, you will be able to return to your music collection, and to new music that comes your way, with your ears and your mind refreshed.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

In some cases, a musical funk can occur when you don't like any of the new music you've heard lately. It seems that there are sometimes when every new indie rock band is a more annoying version of the last, and every new MC or producer is just copying the tricks of the ones that came before.
The best way to beat this dissatisfaction with new music is to branch out. If none of the usual avenues of music discovery seem to be satisfying you, try something altogether different. For examples, fans of electronic music may want to explore jazz or ambient for a change.
If you usually read one or two key music websites, see what's happening on blogs or websites that you don't normally check. These other criticism outlets may be picking up on things that your regular haunts are missing.

Stand On the Shoulders of Giants

When all else fails, look to the past for inspiration. Even the most dedicated, fanatical music listeners haven't heard everything. Find out about musicians that influenced some of your favorite artists and check out their most influential songs or albums. The past is full of hidden treasures that many of us haven't heard because they're no longer current.
Being in a musical funk is a great opportunity to explore those musical legends and more obscure artists that you haven't gotten around to hearing yet. When the musical storm cloud lifts, you'll have a new perspective on those up and coming bands, and you may find that this musical exploration leads you to unexpected depths of musical appreciation.

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