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How to Choose a Pair of DJ Headphones

Anand Karwa
Are you a wannabe DJ who doesn't know how to choose DJ headphones? Here are 7 important things that you should consider before buying DJ headphones.
DJ headphones have a different audio jack and have higher power requirements than those you use with your iPod.

Set Your Budget and Check for the Available Features Within That Range

All of us want the maximum bang for our hard-earned bucks, but we have to be a realistic when making a purchasing decision. It's unwise to look for high-end features on entry-level gadgets. As such, it is very important to keep your expectations in check while looking out our your next gadget.
For e.g.: It would be great to have the noise cancellation feature in your next pair of DJ headphones, but do these come in your budget?

'Unwise' is a strong word for sure, but what would you call a person hoping to buy a hot-hatchback like a MINI Cooper for the price of a Suzuki Swift?
During your search for DJ headphones, you will come across some really crazy pairs of headphones which would cost 10 - 15% more than your set budget. This is why you should have a fixed budget range, or you will get carried away and end up spending a lot more than you can afford.

What You Should Look for When Buying a Pair of DJ Headphones

Read Expert Reviews

Reading expert reviews helps a lot before making an informed buying decision. You get to know the experts' take on all the technical aspects of the product mentioned in the specifications sheet.
You will also have an idea on how the product is supposed to perform. A good practice would be to read the reviews at 4 - 5 places, and then shortlist a few headphones available in your budget range.
The reviewers will tell you how they feel about the ergonomics of the headphones, but they are not 'you'.
Try Them Out First
Every person has a different definition for comfort. So, if at all possible, try out those headphones yourself to check if they will be comfortable to wear around your neck as well as head during long parties.

Check for Loudness and Bass Levels

If you are a music composer, then you should check the fidelity of your headphones for accurate sound reproduction. DJs however, shouldn't be too much concerned about this aspect.
Just make sure that they are adequately loud enough for you to hear the music, even when you listen to only one side of the headphone during mixing. Deep bass levels are equally important if you really want to rock the party.

Check the Connector Size

Most DJ accessories like mixers support ¼-inch audio jacks. Do not buy headphones having a ⅛-inch (3.5 mm) audio jack, or you will have to use a connector. Keep in mind that too many connections can introduce interference in the signal, and thus, will deteriorate sound quality.

Check for Noise Isolation

Choose headphones having a solid casing around the ear pieces. A tight fit around the ear will cut-off a lot of ambient noise, and this will help you in queuing up the next audio track at a very low volume. You should also avoid listening to high volume audio for an extended period of time.

Do They Match Your Style Statement?

This might sound weird to some, but you are a DJ for God's sake! You cannot be seen with a pair of some ugly looking headphones around your neck. People look at you during parties, so you've got to own a pair of good looking headphones. This will not only improve your looks, but can also make you more confident.

Are They Light and Portable?

You cannot find feather-light headphones, but it doesn't mean that they can weigh 10 pounds.
The lighter they are, the longer you can have them around your neck. Also check how you can pack the headphones. You cannot just put them in any random bag and cart them along everywhere.
Doing so will increase the chances of the device getting damaged by someone accidentally sitting on them, liquid spillage, and the like. Different headphones have different folding arrangements and space requirements. Check them out before making a final decision.

You Get What You Pay For

You will never be disappointed with your choice if you accept this fact. You are free to shell out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a pair of headphones, but remember one thing, you have a budget to maintain. Just choose the best pair of headphones for your requirements, and you will have nothing to repent about in future.