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Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Songs

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Which songs can be recorded as the top 10 Enrique Iglesias songs? It is really hard to pick ten options. This Spanish singer, with his mesmerizing voice, had captivated the hearts of millions and this article pays tribute to his music.
Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler aka Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish pop music artist, song writer and a fashion icon. Born on the 8th of May 1975, Enrique Iglesias is the third and youngest son of the world famous singer Julio Iglesias, and socialite and journalist Isabel Preysler. The singer is of a mixed Filipina and Spanish accent.
After his parents split up in 1988, Enrique moved to the US with his father and stayed there all his life. He busted into the music industry in 1995 with his album 'Enrique Iglesias'. This album was an instant success and established him as one of the best singers in the Latin and American music world. After that the singer has released many albums and performed in sold out concerts all around the West.

Best Enrique Iglesias Songs

The singer has won a Grammy and a Latin Grammy, he's also the only Spanish singer who still holds the record for most number 1 singles; 21. He's one of the most famous Latin American singers all around the world and is often known as the Spanish music mogul. Including the sales of his Spanish and English albums, Enrique is one of those few music artists who has sold more than 100 million copies.


There's no doubt that Hero is one of the most successful songs sung by Enrique. Many critics call Hero as Enrqiue's signature song. The song was released in 2001 and became one of the most played songs on radio shortly after the September attacks on the WTC. There are many reasons why this song is my favorite; the music is mind-blowing, the voice is perfect and it has two of my favorite actors Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mickey Rourke. It's a very lovable song with a sad ending.


Bailamos is one song which made Enrique an international superstar and also got him some amazing multimillion dollar deals with record companies. This song was also chosen to be the soundtrack of the movie 'Wild Wild West'. On release, this song bagged the top spot in many countries making it one of the favorite English songs. This song also has a strong Latin influence in it which is very rare in English songs.

Rhythm Divine

Not as successful as Bailamos, Rhythm Divine managed to break most records and was hugely popular with young adults. Most critics gave favorable reviews to this song and most of them did praise the video direction and music composition. This song was a favorite among radio stations, clubs, and discos for a long time.

Be With You

This song again bagged the #1 spot on Billboard Hot Chart for Enrique. This song has a perfect opening with a flamenco guitar sound and zooms in a fast steady tempo. Some lines of this song have been contributed by Enrique himself and this video also starred a well-known face; Elizabeth Shannon.

Do You Know

It's a very innovative thing to use a ping pong ball for inspiration for a song. Enrique also changed a lot of things in this video. Normally the singer's video has some dark locations but this a fresh change. See it!


Most of us know that Enrique is a very talented singer, but not many know that he can also pen down some beautiful words and make it into a beautiful song. He has written his song and the video also features his long time partner Anna Kournikova; a professional tennis player.

Not in Love (feat. Kelis)

Not in Love with Kelis is a beautiful song. Enrique appeared on America's Top Model and chose the winner of a particular challenge to appear in this song. This entire music video takes place in the night and it became one of the highest selling songs of all time for the Spanish heartthrob.

To Love a Woman (with Lionel Richie)

This is also an excellent song with music legend Lionel Richie and this is one of the few songs in which two superb singers appear and don't ruin it. The video and the lyrics are also very inspiring.


The singer is known to wear his heart on his sleeves when it comes to writing and singing. He does the same magic with this song which is about addiction to love. Enrique stated that the music video is inspired from the film 'Midnight Express'. This song again sees a very pretty face; Mischa Barton.

I Like It (feat. Pitbull)

I like It with Pitbull has reached to top #5 at the Billboard Hot 100. This song is a great example of amazing techno music which just makes people dance on its tune, no wonder it's frequently played in clubs all over the US. The video has the entire cast of Jersey Shore in it, which according to me was not needed, as the presence of Enrique was enough to make this song a hit.
His latest album 'Euphoria' which was released in 2010 has also been a worldwide hit and right now the singer is getting ready for his musical tour. Let's hope there's more to come from this amazing singer.